Catching Fire in the limelight, dear?

She first came to everyone's attention when she was the second youngest woman ever to be nominated for the best actress Oscar last year, but now as the highest grossing heroine of all time, she's been catapulted into a whole new level of stardom, proving she's not just another pretty one-trick-pony. As seasons swift, Jennifer Lawrence is claiming Rooney Mara's it-girl throne, and how!

I was putting my bets on Lily Collins to be the break-through star of 2012, even though she's been born with the name, but I was wrong. For some reason I forgot about The Hunger Games ánd about Miss Jennifer Lawrence! How could I?! My sister was going crazy over the books and moreover, I was going crazy over that blonde girl in the custom red Calvin Klein dress at the 2011 Academy Awards.

I still have to go see The Hunger Games for myself, but I have read the first book and loved it ánd I saw some Jennifer Lawrence interviews. I think she's really funny and can't wait to hear and see more of her. Critics have already started talking about another Oscar nomination and I just can't wait until Anna Wintour will put Jennifer on cover of her beloved Vogue, just like she did with Rooney. Because I think Jennifer is an A-list keeper and though I love Rooney's edge, I think Jennifer is way more appealing to lots of people.


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