New Place, New Art

I can officially announce that within a week I'll say goodbye to my pied-à-terre in The Hague and hello to my new appartment in Delft. This means I have to decorate my new place. As you may know I'm a big lover of art and photography. Unfortunately I do not have enough money yet, but if I had, I would buy the most amazing pieces. I love to go through catalogues of Christies and Sotheby's anyway, so I did that again today and thought these would be beautiful for my new place:

From left to right:
Annie Leibovitz, £8.125
Ted Croner, £2.040
Peter Lindbergh, $16.730
Riyas Komu, (estimated) $10.000 - $15.000
Sunil Gawde, (estimated) ($10.000 - $15.000
Richard Avedon, (estimated) $10.000 - $15.000
Helmut Newton, (estimated) $20.000 -$30.000
Weegee, (estimated) $4.000 - $6.000


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