As you may know Gossip Girl is my all time favourite series. I love the actors, the storylines, the quotes, the music and the clothes. Everything seems so perfect to me! Last monday night Gossip Girl celebrated their 100th episode with a very special one.

Watch out for spoilers after the break!

After years, litterally years, we finally know it. Yeah, we know it... and it will change the series forever. Not just what's to come, but also what has already happened. With the revelation of Georgina Sparks being Gossip Girl , nothing will be the same. Especially now, because we know it's that bitch who ruined Blair's dream life with (or without) her prince. I don't know if I like it just yet. It's shocking! The secret persona behind Gossip Girl seemed to be the only thing sacred to Gossip Girl's writers. The only thing that would never be revealed. Maybe it's just me who thinks about it, but why would Cecily von Ziegesar allow the makers of the series to let this happen?!

In the meanwhile I have never been so curious to the next episode before. Maybe Georgina isn't Gossip Girl after all? Because you never know what to expect! I just hope this will make the series only better! Thank god the CW has already released a promo for the next episode: "The Back Up Dan".

You know you love me,
Video: CWTV

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