It's quite scandalous...

Tonight I went to see 'The Help' based upon the novel of the same name in cinema with my mother. I know in America it was released almost six months ago,  but not until last week, the movie landed here in the Netherlands too.

I could write stories about the huge succes of the film. It got good reviews, is named one of the best (THE best by some) movies of 2011 and is tipped to be an oscar-favourite. Yeah, that's all true. And for a reason!

But that's not why I write this. No, it's because I was truly touched and amazed and I got one of the biggest Aha-moments in my life. For the first time in my life I understand why the whole black-and-white-thing is so much of a deal in the USA. I honestly never really got it. Mostly because I never actually learned about it during history class or so but also because I thought it was overrated and blown up by the African American community itself. I now have to admit that I was totally wrong and I feel like I have to say sorry for that. I'm truly shocked that slavery didn't actually end after it was abolished, it's as wrong and inhumane as it can be.

Actually I'm surprised that I didn't realize all this before. I have read both 'If Beale Street Could Talk' and 'To Kill A Mockingbird', heard and read about 'The Little Rock Nine' ánd have seen a dozen of Oprah shows about these kind of racism issues. Just a few weeks ago I didn't understand the whole Rihanna-'Niggabitch' controversy in this Dutch magazine 'Jackie'. Now I do.



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