What's another year

I know we're over a week into this new year, but I'd like to wish everybody the very best for the new year! I felt like writing a look-back-and-forward post like I did last year. I set some goals at the beginning of 2011, so what happened? And of course I need to look forward too.

As I said a year ago, 2011 would be a year of changes for me. Harry Potter, Oprah ánd my high school career came all to their conclusion, so what's up next. Last year was very special to me. It has been stressful and difficult sometimes, but most of all fun, exciting and the beginning of a new life. My dearest moment last year was, cheesy but true, my senior prom. I can't describe how much I enjoyed that night! It was exactly like it should be and more. Something I will look back to with lots and lots of joy.

When I look to my goals for 2011, I think I did pretty well:

-         I want to make this blog more personal. Write a little more about myself and a little less “just” about others. Though I don’t want it to change into a diary!
I think I did make my blog more personal, so this one's a 'check' I guess?!
-         I’d like to get a nice job in a cool boutique or something like that.
It wasn't a cool boutique, but I worked in a book store (which means lots of fashion magazines, haha) this summer.
-         I want to buy a leather jacket.
Does faux leather count? Of course!
-         I want to write a novel (yes, I have been trying to write one for a few years already, but this year I finally will do it, haha!)
I actually started writing last summer. I think I have a good idea, but due to a chronic lack of time it's still in a VERY early stage, haha.
-         Get into the university of my choice!
This is an absolute 'check'! I graduated from high school with marks high enough to get immediately into my university of choice! Honestly I think most applicants got in this year, but still! It felt good! I didn't really move though, due to some idiot roommates who kicked me out of the house before I even lived there. I have a pied-â-terre in The Hague now however, where I can live when I'm too busy to travel back and forth. I'm studying architecture now and it's really intersting and fun. I got to learn some cool and lovely new people and I'm happy to say that Serena van der Woodsen is absolutely right: "College is just High School with more expensive books"

So what do I expect from 2012? Call me naïve or desperately positive, but at the beginning of the year I always feel like the year is going to be another great one. It won't be as special or 'important' as last year was for me, but does that mean it won't be good? I don't think so. So let's say I expect this year to be really fun!

What do I want to reach this year? Uhm... Let me think, haha. It's actually pretty much the same! Here are my goals for 2012:

-         Successfully finish my first year of university
-         Write a novel (AGAIN!)
-         Start working out, to get rid of my ridiculously skinny body
-         Make Just Sammthing grow!
-         Get a job in a fashion store

I hope I will succeed in reaching my goals and much, much more this year and I hope so will you!



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