Bye, bye Versace... Hello Marni!

It's just a few weeks ago since H&M launched it's Versace collection. Though I liked the collection, most of the stuff wasn't exactly my personal taste, so it was somehow disappointing. I'm a huge admirer of H&M collaborations, because I think it's an amazing opportunity for both designer brands and H&M customers to experience something new.

What I actually wanted to share with you, though I know you've all heard of it a long time ago, is the big news that H&M will collaborate with Marni for a spring collection! Actually I wrote a Marni for H&M post last week, but for some reason it was't publicised ór saved. Anyway, I am really enthausiastic about this news, especially since the video H&M has released is really promising. I think this collection will be fashionable in a way lots more people will like than for example the Versace for H&M collection and therefore I almost expect this collection to be better. Attracting a broad audience is exactly what these collaborations are (said to be) all about, right?

video: H&M


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