Best of 2011: Music

This year was a pretty good year in music I think. At least it was for me! Lots of artists and bands I like brought out fantastic new albums and I've discovered some new faces!

Song of the year!
I'm just gonna have my own Award show, haha. First category; song of the year! This is a tough one, for the simple fact there are so many songs this year I really, really liked. But I have to make a choice! Here's my (all women!) top five:

5. Run the world (Girls) - Beyoncé
4. Price Tag - Jessie J
3. The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga
2. Someone Like You - Adele

1. We Found Love - Rihanna

Album of the year!
Second category; album of the year! Honestly I haven't heard enough albums to make a fair top five. It's not hard to choose the album of the year though. How on earth could it be an album other than Adele's international smash hit 21? I already loved her first album, but I think this one's even better and her ticket to Grammy heaven.
Artist of the year!
I'm in LOVE with her and it's just a matter of time before everyone else loves her as much as I do: Jessie J! Her debut album 'Who You Are' is the album I listened the most to this year, because she is so frickin' good! She's the whitest woman I've ever seen with the blackest voice I've ever heard, so cool! I can't say something negative about her. Even the fact that she has this obsession for combining Dr Martens with crazy tracksuits doesn't annoy me. Jessie J was house artist during the 2011 VMA's and has landed a much coveted spot as a coach on the UK version of international TV hit The Voice, I guess that's a pretty good score for this fresh face in the entertainment industry?

Here's the video of her latest single 'Domino', another song of her I adore:

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