Best of 2011: Film

Watching movies is one of my favourite things in the world to do. It's the closest you get to live another life. It's so different from reading books, which also is something I love to do, but at the same time it's pretty much like each other. Both are beautiful ways to escape you're own life for a moment, learn new things and just have a good time.

Suprise of the year!
I can't make a post about what was going on in cinemas this year, without mentioning the surprise of the year: ultra funny, female-driven comedy Bridesmaids! When I saw the teaser trailer before another movie in cinema last march, I litterally have laughed until the actual movie began. Trying to describe how funny it is would do no right to the movie, but I have had so much fun watching it! Can't wait for a sequel just as funny!

Movie of the year!
I didn't see lots of those critically acclaimed movies, but I have seen that single one. Okay, it's not the arthouse movie you'll expect after reading that first line, but it did get good reviews ánd was a succes at the box office. Succes actually is too little honour for a movie that grossed a staggering 1.3 BILLION dollars across the globe. Oops, I think you know which movie I've been talking about for a few moments now. Right, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II!

Why did I choose a mainstream blockbuster to be THE film of 2011? Why not is a better question I think! For me this movie was the most beautiful and exciting end of a phenomenon like Harry Potter. I've been a Potter fan for years now and for the first time in Harry Potter film history, I was completely content with what they created. It was pure magic and that, without a doubt, is enough reason to name this movie 2011's no. 1 film.

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