Best of 2011: Entertainment

Where to begin this year? I have honestly no clue, so much happened among the rich and famous. Well, I'll just try my best!

TV moment of the year!
This is an easy one of course. If there's one person who changed the world, or at least the world of television, it's her Royal Television Highness, Queen Oprah Winfrey! I used to watch her Oprah Winfrey Show every day after school. Sometimes with my mother and sister, sometimes just alone. There are shows I've seen three or four times! When Oprah announced that the 25th season of The Oprah Winfrey Show would be her last, I really found it a pity, so when her very last show was broadcasted here in the Netherlands a few weeks ago, I, of course, was watching. This show and especially the last few minutes, will definitely go down in television history. So beautiful, so inspiring and so touching. And that's of course why that moment, is my favourite TV moment of the year!

Wedding of the year!
It was a year of weddings. Some happy, some have already ended. Prince Albert of Monaco and his Charlene, Kim 'already divorced' Kardashian and Kris Humphries but biggest and most faerytale-like of them all: Prince William and his beautiful Kate Middleton. An estimated two billion viewers watched the ceremony live on television! David and Victoria Beckham, Joss Stone, Elton John and royals from all over the world were among the guests. This wedding was a modern faerytale come true.

OMG moment of the year!
I know it's not 'the end of the world', but for me this was BY FAR the OMG moment of the year in the entertainment world: Cheryl Cole's dramatic sacking from the X-Factor US. I still don't understand why Simon Cowell would fire Cheryl Cole, and worse, replace her by Nicole Scherzinger! It's so humiliating and rude!
Breakthrough of the year!
Adele made quite a breaktrough in America, but in fact she was quite famous in Europe already. So surprisingly it's not Adele who had THE breakthrough of the year. No, in fact it's someone who actually didn't stand out in music or as an actress. It's Her Royal Hotness: Pippa Middleton! After her 'performance' as Kate Middleton's maid of honour, she became a well known name all over the world, especially for her beautiful derrière. Pippa has reportedly signed a book deal, got offered a role in a porn scene for a staggering 5 million dollars, sat front row at fashion shows, is a regular face in tabloids now ánd was on Barbara Walters' list of most fascinating people of 2011. That's quite a breakthrough, right?

Tragedy of the year

Unfortunately it wasn't just a year of romantic weddings and beautiful TV moments. This year was also the year one of the most iconic singers of the past few years passed away: Amy Winehouse. Way too young of course...

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