Late Loud

Last week my mother won tickets for Rihanna's show here in the Netherlands, so I and my sister went to see her Loud Tour concert wednesday in the Gelredome in Arnhem. Though we both aren't really Rihanna fans we really enjoyed her show. It was just such a pity she decided to have us wait for like an hour before she began, which resulted in missing the last train. We came home anyways and had a fun night, how much more can we wish?!

I tweeted this picture already yesterday, but I think it's quite cool, so I decided to post it again here, haha:

Favourite moment of the show? Umbrella! Not because of the song, actually it's one of my least favourite Rihanna songs. No, it's because she got this ultra funny little boy on stage with her, HILARIOUS! He was waving to the audience as if he was the star (and I think he WAS at that moment, haha)!

Photo: courtesy of JustSammthing


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