Another start

It's been quite some busy days for me, I've had my first three days at university. I think I like it, but everything is so new that I'm not a 100% sure. At least I've met some cool people and since I'm studying architecture, I've seen some photos of beautiful buildings and heard very interesting stories. I don't have housing anymore, so I have to travel over two hours everyday to go to college. It's kind of tiring, haha.

Enough about me. I can't say it often enough, I'm a HUGE Gossip Girl fan. Today the CW released the extended promo for Gossip Girl's fifth season premiere, which will air on September 26. I don't think Los Angeles will be as fun and exciting as Paris (season four!), but of course I can't wait for the season premiere! One thing, will this be Gossip Girl's final season premiere?!

Video: CWTV


  1. Do you remember the season premiere in Paris? The amazing clothes? wow I felt in love with GG! Ah , Paris! Well, LA is not Paris, but I hope the bet for this new season!!!


  2. Of course I remember the episodes in Paris! Those are two of my favourite GG episodes ever. The styling is superb, especially Serena's blue trousers silver jacket combination and Blair's dramatic red gown. LA is by far not as charming and idyllic as Paris, but for sure it'll be fun!

    XO Xo, Sam


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