Love is a losing game...

All the love and appreciation many many fans and music critics all over the world had for her, couldn't save her. Amy Winehouse passed away on the age of just twentyseven this afternoon. Way too early of course.

I myself have been a fan ever since I heard Rehab on the radio for the first time. Her unique voice immediateley got my attention. I've listened to her albums a lot, though lately not anymore. I kept following her however and I kept waiting and hoping for a smashing new album to come, because I genuinely believed she could make a glorious return to the music scene, without alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately it isn't and won't be like that.

Some think she didn't have a sense for fashion at all, some said she's a style icon. I think she was very cool with her trademark hair and make-up and above all I think she's been of major importance for a new generation of British artists. I dare to say that without Amy Winehouse, Adele wouldn't have been so succesfull all around the world right now. Her unique voice and music style have cleared the road for artists like for example Adele and Duffy.

Amy's early dead is the tragic end of a very sad story. I hope she will finally be able to rest now, in a beautiful, peaceful place.


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