Menswear Spring 2012: Prada, Iceberg, Canali and Gucci

This is part two of my series of Menswear Spring 2012 reviews... What will it be today? Prada, Iceberg, Canali and Gucci!

Let's start with Prada. I think I don't really understand Prada's menswear, at least not this season. Even on models, lots of the pieces don't look good. Especially those short-sleeved, ugly printed shirts and horrible caps. I did like some separate pieces though, but those pieces were practically only basics: some nice jackets, cardigans and shoes. I don't get it, but hopefully womenswear is as good as it was last time...

I could totally see me wearing almost every piece of this collection. Of course it's really casual and not very outspoken, but that can be as difficult to design as a 'crazy' collection. All of those models looked effortlessly cool and fashionable. Something I hope people will (once) think of me too.
Luxury suitmaker meets exotic India. That's what Canali's latest collection is all about. Of course it features some amazing suits, but also some very bright colored alternatives and beautiful silk scarves.
In the past I considered Gucci somehow trashy. Quite stupid. I was just deceived by those ugly (illegal copies of caps) and bags with the Gucci monogram, worn by mostly rappers and footballers. Gucci isn't about that monogram. This latest collection feels really English and that's exactly the atmospere Frida Giannini has tried to create. This collection is quite different from the Iceberg collection, but this one too contains lots and lots and lots of pieces I would wear.
And a big thanks to the one who decided to post some photos of details of menswear as well. Now we can see all the magnificent details of this Gucci collection too:
Photos: style.com

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