When (s)he comes, I am ready!

Gaga, Couture and controversy: the holy trinity in the world of fashion bloggers. And guess what! I can offer you all three at the same time. Lady Gaga's cover of and spread in US Harper's Bazaar's May issue, the album cover art from Born This Way AND her newest single, Judas, were released in only a few days time!

The Harper's Bazaar photos shot by Terry Richardson are absolutely gorgeous! I even think I like them better than the US Vogue photos last march! Probably because I think hair and makeup is so much better. I love the Gaga meets Brigitte Bardot kind of style. It works. Especially in combination with those wonderful creations by Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and many many more.

I'm not a huge fan of the album cover art, but as long what's inside is as good as I expect it to be everything is alright. At least Judas doesn't disappoint! Such a pity lots of people don't seem to understand the Biblical metaphors. I understand it's controversial though... Anyway, Judas got pretty good reviews, so that's rather positive! Listen it here:

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