THE Royal Wedding

Wow, today was like the perfect modern faery tale! The most anticipated wedding of the year didn't disappoint.  I watched it with my mother and we enjoyed every second of it! Kate (or should I say Catherine, duchess of Cambridge?) looked absolutely stunning in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding gown, Prince William was cute and handsome as always and the two kisses on the balcony were very short, but also very romantic and sweet.

I'm showing you some of my favourite pictures of today:

First this wonderful picture of Catherine and her sister Pippa. It's probably my favourite picture of today. First because it was the first time we could actually see THE dress in it's full glory and second because I can imagine this moment is so special for the sisters. Of course they will stay sisters forever, but so much is going to change! You can read the love for Pippa in Kate's eyes (she was Kate back then, haha!) and you can see how proud Pippa is of her elder sister. Especially the fact that Kate already stays on the red carpet and Pippa on the asphalt makes this picture so incredibly good. It marks the fact that Kate will be a royal from now on and Pippa stays 'just an ordinary girl'.

Second this picture of Catherine's father Michael Middleton who gives his daughter away to William. Without a doubt a very special and perhaps very difficult moment for a father. I think this one shows the excitement of the groom and the bride.

Third this photo of the balcony scene. William and Kate (I'm not used to Catherine, so I still use Kate sometimes) really love each other. Super sweet and romantic!

Fourth and final, this beautiful newly released official photo, shot by Mario Testino. It's so sweet and I think and hope it's  prediction of a marriage that's so much happier than Charles and Diana's...

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