Holy Heretic

Lady Gaga has gotten even more attention than usual lately. Her upcoming album Born This Way is without any doubt the most anticipated pop album this year. The first two singles, Born This Way and Judas, were instant successes and she's been invited to perform at almost every major TV-show. Glee has a Born This Way episode  which is 90 minutes long and is going to be broadcasted this tuesday, Gaga will be performing at American Idol's grand  finale and at the Saturday Night Live season finale. The pressure is high and you can see it in a newly released promo for the HBO Monster Ball Tour special, which will premiere on the 7th of May, my birthday!

This video is so impressive, I think. It's so true, so honest and so vulnerable that I can't do anything but admire Gaga even more. She proves to everyone, she's just a human like everybody else. A human with insecurities and a human who needs a religion to rely on. Lady Gaga's my favourite holy heretic.

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