A happy, ahum… preppy new year!

First of all I’d like to wish you all the very best for 2011! For me, this year will be a special one. I’m in my sixth and final year of VWO, a Dutch form of high school, so lots of things will change a lot. Probably I’m off to university after summer and probably I have to move in order to study at the university of my choice. I’d like to go study architecture in Delft, which is a over an hour away from my hometown. Oh, have I already mentioned that I will turn eighteen in May?

Anyway, I thought of some goals this year:
-         I want to make this blog more personal. Write a little more about myself and a little less “just” about others. Though I don’t want it to change into a diary!
-         I’d like to get a nice job in a cool boutique or something like that.
-         I want to buy a leather jacket.
-         I want to write a novel (yes, I have been trying to write one for a few years already, but this year I finally will do it, haha!)
-         Get into the university of my choice!

To kick off this year in Fashion, I selected some celebrity magazine covers for february:

Cheryl Cole on cover of Elle UK

Victoria Beckham on cover of Vogue UK

Nicole Kidman on cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Blake Lively on cover of Australian Cosmopolitan

Kate Middleton on cover of a special edition of Tatler UK

P.S.: I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have to study a lot for my exams, which are very soon, so I probably won't be updating Just Sammthing very often in the next two weeks too.

Photos: Elle UK, Vogue UK, Harper's Bazaar US, Cosmopolitan Australia, Tatler UK

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