Couture week: Elie Saab spring 2011

Elie Saab’s Couture collection definitely is the prettiest of all Couture collections. All gowns are incredibly pretty, and that’s probably why Elie Saab has been an Academy Award favourite for the last couple of years and will probably stay for a whole lot of years. I can completely understand that there are people who like other Couture shows more, just because of Elie Saab’s obvious prettiness. Though I myself absolutely love it. All of these gowns are sophisticated, ultra glamorous and sexy. Women are really women when they wear them... and I like to see women being real women.
Look at these amazing details! It’s a pity Natalie Portman is pregnant. If not she could have worn one of these gowns when she may have to pick up her Oscar in a few weeks.

Photos: style.com


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