Couture week: Chanel spring 2011

Chanel Haute Couture, probably the highest possible in fashion, was a pleasure as always. Karl Lagerfeld told he found his inspiration for his latest Haute Couture collection in an artist, just like Galliano did for his latest Dior collection. That artist was Marie Laurencin. She once made a portrait of Coco Chanel, who didn’t like that portrait, for it was too fragile and soft. Lagerfeld used just that softness in this collection. He used, for example, ten million (!!!) beads and all models were walking on ballet flats, which created a lovely, comfortable image. 
And again thanks to style.com, we’re able to take a closer look at these amazing Chanel Haute Couture pieces!

Photos: style.com


  1. such a beautiful inspiration <3


  2. Chanel always is! Especially Chanel Haute Couture!

  3. where shall i follow you:/? cant find the google friend connect!!


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