Paris Fashion Week: Elie Saab, Hermès and Louis Vuitton

Elie Saab
The only thing I can say about Elie Saab’s collection, is that each and every piece is beatufiul. So actually the only thing I can do is select six of my favourite looks. Voilá!

I just have to love Hermès. My mother’s favourite perfume is 24 Feaubourg by Hermès and the brand designed the two most amazing bags ever, the world famous “Kelly” and “Birkin”.
Enfin. This collection was the last one by Jean Paul Gaultier. I liked the amazon-chic style of it. The boots, the use of suede and leather, the hats… I loved it all.

Just look at this tiny Birkin and these amazing Kelly bags! So different and unique!

Louis Vuitton
To be honest, I didn’t like most of the clothes. The reason why I do mention Louis Vuitton here, is because of the monogram. I’m in love with the monogram and I think it’s used so clever and cool in this collection. Look at these photos:

Photos: style.com


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