Newest Addiction

A few days ago I was just surfing around the web, searching for some nice vintage stuff, inspired by Jane Aldridge’s fantastic Sea of Shoes full of posts with the most wonderful vintage items. Then I suddenly found a vintage Louis Vuitton bag and started to look for some more vintage Louis Vuitton… I became the proud father of a nice, little vintage-Louis-Vuitton-addiction. Those huge vintage trunks are really so beautiful. So well crafted and I adore the old wood and scratched famous monogram. For some reason these trunks look even more beautiful when they’re used. I’d love to own one once as an eye-catchting decorational item. Only disadvantage… These trunks are rare and VERY expensive (sometimes more than $30.000!). But it’s definitely worth it!

Oh, by the way, I went shopping in Amsterdam yesterday and I saw they were working on a quite large Louis Vuitton shop-in-shop in the Bijenkorf (a Dutch luxury warehouse). I’m very curious how it will be when it’s finished.
Photos: www.antiquetrader.com; www.housebeautiful.com


  1. Hooray, haha I'm also looking forward to the LV shop in shop!


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