Fall favourites MEN

As promised, my men edition of the Fall Favourites shopping guide. Again the items are all kind of simple, but I simply love them. I like rough clothes for men, I'm not the kind of man that likes to wear feminine things as lots of Fashion-loving men do. I like this nonchalant, masculine yet fashion-minded style. That's why I choose these items.
I'm not a huge fan of crocodile leather, but this Ferragamo bag is just amazing. It would have been perfect if it was graphite, but brown is very acceptable too! The Balmain jacket is really rock-chic if you combine it with, for example, the grey Nudie Jeans. This jeans isn't very special, but Nudie Jeans is my all-time favourite denim-brand. And last but not least the Barry shoes. Very casual, but trendy and kind of rough too.

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