It's fur all over the place

At the moment there is like SOOOO much fur available. Especially Burberry and Matthew Williamson have a lot of fur items in their Fall/Winter collections. I personally don’t really know what to think about fur.
Quite a while ago, I read a column - I think it was in Dutch magazine Beau Monde - about rabbit fur. The writer wrote in this column that there actually is a lot of “good fur”. Fur from rabbits which are bred for their meat, which would be burnt if it wasn’t used (for clothing). Before I read this column I hated the idea of wearing fur. Now I just don’t really know. Do all those brands use “good fur”? I don’t know, so I can’t say whether or not I would approve of it.
But even if those brands use “good fur”, so often I don’t like fur. Even a skinny person looks massive, when wearing a black fur coat (like the Burberry coat by this). Of all the fur items by this, I only really like the grey Matthew Williamson coat in the middle.
I don’t have any connection with net-a-porter, but if you’re interested in one of these items, or other fur items, you can order them there online.

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