Couture Fall 2010

Couture is more than just fashion, it really is a form of art. I really like watching couture shows. It’s almost like a dreamworld. A world where it’s normal to wear €75.000 Chanel lady’s suits and the most impressive Dior gowns you could ever imagine. Each and every item is so well crafted, that it’s hard to believe that there are lots of people that think the fashion world is a stupid world, a world just obsessed by beauty and full of narcissism.

Enfin, I really enjoyed this season’s couture shows. They were all so different but they were all beautiful and spectacular in it’s own way.


“The crown jewel of haute couture collections. Chanel is Chanel; it's the grand-daddy of shows in Paris” as bryanboy said. I think that’s completely true. Chanel may not be as bombastic as Dior or as glamourous as Jean Paul Gaultier, it’s still Haute Couture in it’s purest form. I’d almost say, Chanel Couture is Couture as it should be. My Chanel favourites:
Elie Saab
A very feminine collection, sometimes sexy but always elegant and chic. I saw lots of movement, great drapery and all kinds of earth tones. Most of the shown gowns are possible Academy Award gowns. 
My Elie Saab favourites:

Not my personal favourite, but I like it. Very clean and kind of sober with lots of black and white. My Valentino favourites:

I find it a pity that Givenchy didn’t do a runway show this Couture season, because the collection was so wonderful! Very Kate-Winslet-in-Titanic-like, classic and chic. My Givenchy favourites:

Jean Paul Gaultier
I have seen like fifty Norma Desmonds during this show! Those dramatic headpieces, cigarettes, ostrich feathers and glamorous dresses and gowns really do remind me of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Yes, I mean that positive. My Jean Paul Gaultier favourites:
Armani Privé
Armani’s couture collection had a very chic, wearable part and a part with some possible Academy Award gowns. All in neutral colours and quite simple but never boring. I especially loved some coats and jackets! 
My Armani Privé favourites:

Christian Dior

By far my favourite Couture show this season. No other show was so colourful and so bombastic as Christian Dior’s. It would’ve fit perfectly in a high fashion edition of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. J’adore the volume and silhouettes of almost every piece of this collection. Trés Magnifique! (Only a few of) my Christian Dior favourites:


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