Met Gala X Best Dressed

"It's the Super Bowl of social fashion events" as Andre Leon Talley proclaimed in The First Monday in May documentary. In terms of star power that is most definitely true. This year's big spring exhibition is Manus X Machina. An examination of the tension between the handmade and the machine fabricated. It's all about rethinking what luxury fashion is and what it will be.

First up Bee Shaffer in custom Alexander McQueen and her Queen Regnant mother Anna Wintour in Chanel. I love how both of them seem to have sticked to the 'Manus' part of the exhibition more than the 'Machina'.

Claire Danes' massive Zac Posen ballgown has something very princessy and cheesy about it and does not seem to be that special at all, until the hundreds of lights hidden in those skirts turn on. A bit gimmicky perhaps, but absolutely fabulous nonetheless.
Between a gazillion of shiny, silver, armourlike gowns, it was a pleasure to see the Haim sisters wearing something as intricate as their gorgeous Rodarte gowns.
I like to think that had I gone to the event yesterday, I would have worn something like Tyga. That jacket is just fantastic. as for Kate Bosworth in Dolce & Gabbana, I like the costumy bit and the fact that there seems to be a nice play between the 'manus' and the 'machina' here.
Same goes for Naomi Watts in custom Burberry. This silhouette is beautiful for her and I like how the rigidness of the base is broken by the flower appliques. No one though, comes close to Nicole Kidman who was, without a doubt, my favourite on the red carpet last night. Her Alexander Mcqueen was regal, sexy, spot-on theme-wise and just utterly stunning.

Photos: all via Vogue.com


Wishlist Wednesday #3

So this week the item on my wishlist is not Gucci related. In fact it is not even fashion related. I picked a gadget! A very good looking one I must admit. It's Gramovox' Floating Record Player, which is probably the best-looking contemporary turntable I have ever seen. I imagine looking at a record being played on this device works very hypnotizing. I just love how this device looks both super contemporary and retro at the same time. You can now order the Floating Record playing online, for $399.


Lucky Blue Smith and Lottie Moss X Vogue Paris

This is quite litterally a golden couple. How gorgeous do male model super star Lucky Blue Smith and Kate Moss' beautiful younger sister Lottie look together on the May cover of Vogue Paris? I know, it's a vision.


Wishlist Wednesday #2

After an actual Gucci item last week, I have found a Gucci-style 'knock-off' this week. A beautiful, flower printed pair of trousers from Zara. At 49 euros it is definitely friendlier priced than the real deal. I'd love to wear it both dressed up (might be a May week option?!) and down (leather jacket!).


Film X Eddie The Eagle

I saw Eddie The Eagle last week and think it is deserving of a bit more attention. The movie is utterly charming in its shameless cheesiness. You know, participating is more important than winning AND perseverance will be rewarded! Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service!) stars as Eddie, with Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman!) supporting as his coach.


Wishlist Wednesday #1

My new laptop is about to arrive in a week or so and spring is definitely starting, so on top of my wishlist this week, is this super cool, super spring embroidered backpack from the once again powerhouse that Gucci is. It's flirting with feminity, a fresh take on showing-off logo and a 100% fun. Retails at €1980.


Campaign X Mr. Burberry

Stylish, sweet and super sexy is Mr. Burberry's brand new campaign video released yesterday. Shot by the magnificent Steve McQueen (who I am sure you all know as being the director of 12 Years A Slave!?), with a gorgeous soundtrack by Benjamin Clementine and with a stunning couple of faces on Josh Whitehouse and Amber Anderson, these three minutes are just filled with British glory. Isn't that exactly why we love Burberry in the first place?


Oscars X Best Dressed

The Oscars are the ideal time to come back with a post. This major moment in fashion and pop culture must be featured here. So, here it is. A best dressed list! What I found interesting yesterday, is that the nominees and winners were not that interesting this year. Even the wonderful Cate Blanchett managed to disappoint. Of the ten people I have selected only two women were nominated. The one man I selected - Eddie Redmayne, who else?! - also happened to be a nominee.

Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture - Olivia Wilde in Valentino Haute Couture - Margot Robbie in Tom Ford - Olivia Munn in Stella McCartney - Daisy Ridley  in Chanel Haute Couture - Charlotte Rampling in Armani Privé - Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein Collection - Naomi Watts in Armani Privé - Hannah Bagshaw and Eddie Redmayne both in Alexander McQueen


Best of 2015 in film

In the middle of a short blogging break, I do have to post one of my favourite posts of the year: the best of the year in film! In my case this list is very subjective, with a mix of award-darlings and huge blockbusters, and must be seen as a list of personal favourites. As always, due to release dates differing sometimes to those in the US, films I have in this list here, may have been released back in 2014 elsewhere. Also some films that will most likely make the list next year, are lacking now, because those films have not been released yet. So:

Old-Fashioned Bliss...
Cinderella Exactly the classic fairy tale it is supposed to be. With a charming princess (Lily James), a hilarious fairy godmother (Helena Bonham Carter) and a wonderfully evil villain (Cate Blanchett).
Jurassic World The first of two major reboots that turned out well.
Star Wars The Force Awakens And yes, this is the second one! And in this one a star is born: Daisy Ridley.

The Winners...
Still Alice Julianne Moore won everything an actor can possibly win for her perfect portrayal of a fifty-year old linguistics professor who suffers from early on-set Alzheimer's. Deservedly so.
The Theory of Everything Much like fellow redhead Eddie Redmayne won pretty much everything by transforming into Stephen Hawking. In the process he established himself as the one actor to watch.

No Wait, Love Wins...
Pride Wonderful movie about the London gay community stepping up for the mining community.
The Imitation Game The much too unknown story of Alan Turing, one of the masterminds in WW II, who got punished for being gay. Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, two of the brightest of British stars, were just great in this one.

The Unexpected Ones...
De Surprise
A Dutch movie! Bizarre, stylish and just incredibly, incredibly sweet.
Amy This documentary about Amy and the rise and fall of one of this generation's most gifted musicians is truly heartbreaking.
Inside Out And to end things a bit lighter; this Pixar animated feature. A smart and touching insight in what is going on in all of our heads.

... and some Honourable Mentions...
Spy and Kingsman: The Secret Service For reinventing the spy genre in hilarious ways.
The Woman in Gold Dame Helen Mirren again.
Trainwreck Because this was Amy Schumer's year and with a Jennifer Lawrence collab, the best has yet to come.


Flesh and Bone REVIEW

by special guest writer FLEUR

‘Ballet is the ultimate optical illusion. We make effort appear effortless. We make difficult divine. And we make gravity our bitch.’ Paul Grayson (Ben Daniels), the artistic director of the American Ballet Company, speaks these words at the celebration of the opening of the new ballet season in the first episode. Interestingly enough, this miniseries shatters that optical illusion. It shows that the effort is not effortless, but costs lots of training and surviving jealousy and backstabbing by your fellow dancers. Difficult is not divine, but painful, like ‘just’ losing a toenail as main character Claire Robbins (Sarah Hay) says. This miniseries shows us the gritty side of the ballet world, which we normally do not get to see.

Executive producer of the show, Moira Walley-Beckett, was intent on finding real dancers for this show. This shows Walley-Beckett’s ambitions, since it must be very hard to find good ballet dancers that are also good actors. But these difficulties are definitely worth it, because it makes the series so much more credible. Hay, for example, is a real-life dancer and studied at the American Ballet Theatre. She stressed that the miniseries does not exaggerate, but gives an authentic picture of the ballet world. In her own words: ‘Everything I’ve portrayed during filming has happened to me during dancing.’

The story follows Claire, a young and ambitious woman that runs away from home to try and make it in the ballet world. She auditions for the American Ballet Theatre and blows the jury away with her grace, skill and beauty. It becomes Grayson’s goal to make her a star.

However, quickly you realize that Claire has a dark past. But she is certainly not the only one; all the dancers seem to have their own struggles and secrets. Prima Ballerina Kira (Irina Dvorovenko) is addicted to drugs, whereas others have eating disorders. When in the dressing room a dancer asks for a tampon, someone is even surprised that she still gets her period. Clearly this series is not just about ballet. It tells the stories of ambitious, young people that are struggling to keep it together. Especially in the ballet world, where the pressures are sky high. You do not have to be a part of that world though, to be able to relate to the characters.

The series is not just terror and despair. You certainly do get a glimpse of the glamorous side of ballet, such as the elaborate galas. Personally I fell immediately in love with the rich kid Daphne Kensington’s (Raychel Diane Weiner) apartment. Especially her closet is absolutely to die for. But of course the dancing itself is riveting and makes you which that you that you could do that, even though you know now the pain and effort it costs. Furthermore Grayson is exactly the passionate, flamboyant, aloof artistic director you would expect for a ballet company. Finally, Hay is everything you could wish for as a ballet dancer as well as a lead actress.

Therefore I would certainly recommend this series, also to non-ballet lovers. For me at least it soothes the pain somewhat of my goodbye to Downton Abbey. Hence I can prolong my tradition of my Tuesday series-night with some delicious St. Petersbourg Kusmi tea to reward myself for surviving my class that lasts until 21.00. Unfortunately it is only a miniseries, but I will just play ignorant for a while.
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